Three Old Plumptonians

Three Old Plumptonians

‘Tenacious Trio’- BBBF ‘Old Boys’ born March/April 1940

The quintessential countryside of John Constable and the Suffolk Stour Valley is not typical of the varied English landscapes. However, the sight of agricultural activity will always enhance the rural scene.

A Three-part Song

I’m just in love with all these three,

The W’eald an’ the Marsh an’ the Down countrie;

Nor I don’t know which I love the most,

The W’eald or the Marsh or the white chalk coast.

I’ve buried my heart in a ferny hill,

Twix’ a Liddell low shaw an’ a great high gill.

Oh, hop-bind taller an’ wood-smoke blue,

I reckon you’ll keep her middling true!

I’ve loosed my mind for to out an’ run

On a Marsh that was old when Kings begun:

Oh, Romney level an’ Brenzett reeds,

I reckon you know what my mind needs!

I’ve given my soul to the Southdown grass,

An’ sheep-bells tinkled where you pass.

Oh, Firle an’ Ditchling an’ sails at sea,

I reckon you keep my soul for me!


For ever Plumptonians! We,

Tony, Alan and Paul at Middleton Manor 1957/58

Plumpton College of Agriculture

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